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Apr 12

Mesra Industri Bersama MPPG

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Apr 12

Menara Aqabah, Majlis Perbandaran Pasir Gudang, 31 March 2016.

Global Forway today announced details of its optical fibre Internet service for business markets called GFibre for Smart Industries at Mesra Industry Forum organized and hosted by Majlis Perbandaran Pasir Gudang. The event was officially launched by Yang Di Pertua Majlis Perbandaran Pasir Gudang Tuan Md Za’nal Bin Haji Misran.

Local Manufacturer’s from Industrial Area Pasir Gudang & Tg Langsat, Local Government Staff and their respective Heads of Department were also present.

Mesra Industry Forum also gave opportunity for Global Forway to presents and announced details of GFibre Network & Internet Service to more than 150 participants of the  Forum.


With the current Fibre network aging more than 15years , Global Forway Chief Executive Officer Dato’ Vincent Gey Ka Hong introduced the all new “GFibre” for Smart Industries an initiative to provide affordable Network & Internet services targeting manufacturer’s in Industrial Area Pasir Gudang & Tg Langsat.

Global Forway rolled out attractive Network & Internet plans for various categories of customers. The new 10Gbps Port service will boost the growing field of technology and the speed of advancement, the world is moving faster now and Internet was in need of a serious boost. With our Internet you will no longer be limited by the capabilities of your network.

Imagine being able to quickly upload, download or share anything, no matter the size of the file, from the comfort of your living room. Smart Industrial Area Pasir Gudang & Tg Langsat, is set to become a reality.

The lightning fast fibre lines will provide up to10Gbps internet speeds for businesses. This giant leap will allow Smart Industrial Area Pasir Gudang & Tg Langsat to join a small group of technology savvy cities in Malaysia offering these gigabit speeds that will be faster than the current average speed in the area. Client will also enjoy the benefits of free burstable up to 50Mbps with no extra charges.

Our CSR Project such as ResQ, Community Alerts (CommAlerts) and eAlerts will also become parts of Value Added Services for GFibre.

Global Forway also takes this opportunity to contribute another CSR SmartPhone Applications called i-MPPG for Majlis Perbandaran Pasir Gudang and all in one Mobile Application developed especially for Community in Pasir Gudang & Tg Langsat area to access variety of information. I-MPPG includes features such as Positioning Navigation, Loyalty Rewards Collection, In store interaction, Calendar Notifications & Reminder, News & Event Update, Alarm & Security System, CCTV System Integration and many more. Collaboration between Global Forway and MPPG in introducing this smart apps will help to build intelligent city well equipped with latest technology for safe and secure community.

With the present arrangements, GFibre can extend its Network & Internet connections to more than 500 manufacturers immediately. Within that, by placing a centralised networking Operation Centre in Pasir Gudang will increase the productivity and effectiveness of its respective clients.

GFibre Smart Industrial Contribution will also include Free Bandwidth Charges for CSR Program, Free Bandwidth Charges for Business Partnership Program, Free Intelligent Mobile Apps to Industrial Citizen, Free Bandwidth Charges to Local Government to Build Smart & Safe City’s Facilities and Business Expansion for Industrial Customer within GFibre Coverage. *Terms & Condition apply*


GFibre is dedicated to serving Smart Industrial Area Pasir Gudang & Tg Langsat and bringing this technology to the city.

GFribre for Smart Industries would be bridging with International renowned Technology Partners like Fujitsu (Japan) will be building the core backend system using DWDM , Huawei (China) and Cisco (US )for the Front End concept and LG (Korea) on the Smart Digital Applications Platform

We want you to know we’re always open to your thoughts on how we can collaborate to create a better community together.  For more information you may drop an enquiry at or contact us directly at 07-221 8777


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