As we all know, ICT equipment and hardware is expensive. It requires constant protection and monitoring. To address this issue, we have developed the Intelligence Surveillance System (ISS) services. ISS is a service that been place under our NOC & Engineer team. Via ISS, we can constantly monitor all the circuit that being installed in our client location, and respective data center.

Under ISS, we also provide Close Circuit Television (CCTV) installation if requested by client hence providing a full coverage surveillance system to protect their office building.




In this era of technology, mobile phones are one of the most fascinating technology that we use the most. Mobile phones have come a long way from just a medium of communication to one of our best mates. Today, it is very difficult to spend even a single day without the mobile. If our phone breaks down, it make us quite nervous.

GFSB has venture in Mobile Application since the year of 2011. It begin when we conducts a research of how mobile application affected our daily life. Base one our researched, gaming apps has the highest download rate follow by social media apps and then management tools such as expense manager. This is critical as netizen did not even downloading security apps simply because either they do not aware of it or the apps did not provide what they want.

As a result, we have created two mobile applications with the corporation and support by the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) of the State of Johor:



Community Alerts Mobile Application

Community Alerts name is an original idea came from YAB MB Johor and application features is conceived through intensive discussion between PDRM Johor Contingent “IPK Johor” and GFSB. GFSB is proud to collaborate with PDRM, JOHOR in developing the Community Alerts – Smartphone Applications that is mainly to assist the public users to send an alert requesting for rescue situation to PDRM JOHOR in a “Single Click”.

The objectives of Community Alerts are to speed up the rescue process and at the same time received accurate rescue information via Mobile ICT Technology with the accuracy of ID or Passport Number, Full Name, Photo, Location Info (GPS + SMS Redundancy). In accordance with it, Johor can become a Safe City to attract more investor and improves Quality of Life.

To date, we had continuous increment number of Community Alerts “CommAlerts” mobile application number of user.



The name “ResQ” is conceptualized by the Chief Minister of Johor Y.A.B Dato’ Mohamed Khaled Nordin. Malaysia 1st and only SOS Panic Button device that is directly connected to PDRM (Polis Diraja Malaysia) ResQ is an improvement of the smart phone application ‘Community Alert’ (CommAlert), which was introduced in March for direct interaction with police.


e-Alerts Mobile Application

e-Alerts is a smart phone application that allows people to report all incidents to the police with more simple and fastest way. This application users can take pictures and just need to fill five fields, available information will directly send to IPK Johor.

Positioning accuracy of events can be received by the police with the GPS function. IPK Media Center will receive all complaints and reports, through the screening process all complaints and reports received will be publish on the Web portal and taken into action and users will receive information directly to their mobile phones.



MySociety application intended to be a new channel to transmit information using the mobile application segment besides improving the quality of service among its members and society. It is accessible by members of the Society and Public as a communication medium across the country and information sharing can be implemented under one roof. MySociety members can communicate directly through e-mail and feedback can be received immediately. In addition, it enables the society to promote and market their organizations using the media technology and also help in increasing the number of registered members.



Mobile Applications iPERKESO is user friendly application and does not involve any cost to the consumer. Thus, this application is expected to enable the entire workforce in particular and the people in general can take advantage of this.

In line with the Government’s policy of “People First, Performance Priority”, the introduction of this application will allow people to access the services provided by the Government, particularly PERKESO, which is an agency under the KSM.

iPerkeso objective is to provide online services to citizens. It is to facilitate people to interact with PERKESO more quickly, efficiently and effectively at any time.