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SuperHighway 2

GFibre is your fully dedicated fibre-optic connection. We make it simple for the businesses that want the unmatched performance, control, security and scalability that it offers.

Our GFibre network is designed to support organizations of all sizes, including large enterprises with large, distributed workforces and multiple locations. GFibre offers scalable, high speed, symmetric Internet access on a state-of-the-art fiber optic connection.

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    Global Net

    Global NetEnjoy 24 hours of dedicated or private High-Speed Internet Access. With Global Net, we ensure you that you will experience minimum downtime to the millisecond. We even create a customize network package and solution that cater to your needs and requirement.

    Our Global Net solution covered all layer in the OSI model as it is our premium service.

    Network Operation Centre


    Our NOC Team is a special task force that responsible to monitor and troubleshoot our Client networks. Through excellent synchronization and working schedule, our NOC Team is capable to operate 24/7, as well capable to dispatch on side at any time given as soon there is a major breakdown issue. In compliance with our Downtime Policies, NOC Team has established a firm understanding and relationship with major Internet Service Provider (ISP) Company in the nation.

    Intelligence Surveillance System

    eyAs we all know, ICT equipment and hardware is expensive. It requires constant protection and monitoring. To address this issue, we have developed the Intelligence Surveillance System (ISS) services. ISS is a service that been place under our NOC & Engineer team. Via ISS, we can constantly monitor all the circuit that being installed in our client location, and respective data center. Under ISS, we also provide Close Circuit Television (CCTV) installation if requested by client hence providing a full coverage surveillance system to protect their office building.