The company was founded as enterprise in the year of 2000. In 2003, the company made a decision to rebrand the company name on par with  new  mission  which  is  to  go  Global.  Therefore,  starting  from April  2003  it transformed  into Global  Forway Sdn  Bhd  (hereinafter known as GFSB).

The word ”Forway” derived from two Chinese word 富 (Fu) – Rich, and 威 (Wei) – Strength,   thus    in   whole   Global    Forway   symbolize   the company  mission  statement  to  be  a  strong  player  in  the  global industry as well  being  one of the most  profitable  ICT Corporate in the world.

Throughout the first decade as GFSB, the company has undergone multiple challenges from Economy, Resources, and Capital which all of it has been converted into a full solid experience and knowledge that muster our way business operations both internal and external. We stand by the vision of “Innovate For Future”.

We have expanded from a small office in Johor and acquire a double-storey office lot in Johor Bahru, a branch office in  Kuala Lumpur to house  our  programmers and  Research  &  Development (R&D) team, and  office  lot  inside  an  MSC  status  building  in  Johor to  house  our Data Center (DC) and the home of our network engineers. In the near future,   we   aim   to   develop   our   own   hardware,   systems,   and applications for all levels of the organization and individual.