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Aug 19

Community Alerts @ Kluang!

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Aug 19

Sunday, 18 August 2013,

We are very delighted when we receive an invitation from our friend from the ALumni of Kluang Chong Hwa School to have a present for our apps the Community Alerts. The event was hosted at Persatuan Memperbaiki Akhlak Che Luan Khor, Kluang.

We arrive at the venue around 8 AM, we were surprise with the traffic as we get near the hall as it quite a pack of traffic and the RELA was being very helpful in organizing the parking space for all the crowd. The building looks like a one huge theater house and as we walk through the compound from our parking area it was fill with mass crowd, separated by group of activities; Basketball Competition, Aerobics, TaiChi, Dragon & Lion Dance, Cycling Competition, Percussion and band. It was a very happening event and we even feel excited and enjoy the surrounding.

Our contact person there, Mr. Alvis who is also the person who invite us greet us with a handsome smile and gesture. He then direct us into the hall, to our booth location for us to set up.

At about 10 AM, the hall was getting full with the crowd flock in from outside to watch the performance made by the young and talented students from the Chong Hwa school such as Musical Performance, Hip Hop Dance, Chinese Chess, and Drawing Contest for kinder gardens.

Overall it was totally full of activities. Other than Community Alerts booth, there also booth from the local vendor who supporting the events like lucky draw, food and beverages, snacks, books store, herbs and Chinese medicine, not to mentioned some very adorable handcraft of cotton toys that totally suitable to be made as phone cover or a bookmark and even as a nice add on to garments.

We also very happy to note that our booth also been visited by the crowd who is curious of the Community Alerts Mobile Apps as there were few policeman around assisting to and provide awareness to the public. It is safe to say that everyone that visit the booth request help from our staff to download and install the apps.

Here some sneak peak of the photo taken during the events.


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